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Fossil Shells For Sale From Southern Arrow

Fossil Shells,Corals,Gastropods,Bivalves & Seashells From Florida For Sale by Southern Arrow

Fossil Shells & Corals From Florida For Sale. Florida fossil shells, seashells, corals, gastropods & bivalves for sale and identification guide. Fossil Shells collected in the Pleistocene and Pliocene of Florida. Mollusks, gastropods, bivalves, corals, matrix, specialty shells, rare pearls- sold, barnacles, coprolite, and shells for your grotto items or art or craft work. .

A large collection of fossil shells, corals, coprolite, barnacles. Can supply shells for grotto or art or craft work,reselling, and also shell matrix by the pound great for your micro shells and fill in spots for grotto, picture frames, and your own designs. We also have special matrix that hasn't been looked over for spending time looking for the micro fossil shells to add to your collection. We have from white shells to some that look like lighting bolts in blues and blacks that were from stained iron sulfide and are beautiful unique designs that nature has provided for us. Fresh and saltwater fossil shells, and some shells are extinct. Fossil cypraea's - cowries that are new to science. Gastropods and bivalves from murex to strombus, panopea and some rare seashells and so much more..

The word fossil means extracted from the earth -dug up. Fossils galore, coprolite probably from shark or alligator, calcite clams, fossil shells, seashells, fresh water snail shells, fossil barnacles and a lot more. Take a look around there will be a lot more to come. We offer coprolite, calcite clams, fossil shells, panopea - geoduck with blister pearls and barnacles. .